Funerary Art of Bonaventure Cemetery

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I have long been a lover of cemeteries. There is just something so calming about spending time in quiet walkways of a lonely cemetery.

Since moving to the South I have found the cemeteries to be particularly fun to wander. There are always beautiful examples of traditional funerary art from a wide variety of cultures.

During spring break of last year my children and I made a pit stop in Bonaventure Cemetery, a beautiful Southern Cemetery located in Savannah, Georgia. It currently holds the title of also being one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States.

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Directly next to Bonaventure Cemtery is the Evergreen cemetery. It also contains a wide variety of beautiful grave markers, tombs, and statues.

The front of the Evergreen Cemetery is slightly toward the modern side but just a few rows back and you are met with fascinating historical markers and carvings.

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Although Evergreen Cemetery has a number of famous individuals interred, Bonaventure is well known for the famous names among its residents including Conrad Aiken or Johnny Mercer. Even the humble graves, however, and a sight to see in Bonaventure.


Perhaps the most famous graves for ghost hunters in Bonaventure is that of Gracie Watson. Young Gracie was the dauthter of the manager of the Pulaski House hotel in the 1800’s. However, she died a tragic death of pneumonia at the age of 6. So distraught was her family at her death that a statue from a beloved picture of her was created by famous sculpter John Walz. Many reports come from the cemetery of the statue awakening at night to play among the graves.

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The Bonaventure Cemtery is a wonderful afternoon stroll for a break from the town of Savannah. It is located just 3 miles from downtown and offers a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the many tourist attractions of Savannah.

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The gates of the cemetery are open from 8 am to 5 pm 7 days a week. However, going into the cemetery is frowned upon and considered trespassing.

A variety of different companies offer tours through the cemetery:

Bonaventure Cemetery Tours

Savannah Heritage Tours

Shannon Scott Tours

Go South! Savannah


Be sure to check out the nearby Colonial Park cemetery while you are in town as well. Not only does it boast a variety of beautiful funerary art, but even a few ghost stories of its own.




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